The Girl Behind the Site

Hi, my name is Stephanie or better known as Noelia around these parts. I'm a twenty-something year old woman on an endless journey to the find the answer to who exactly am I? Born in the beautiful, yet crowded, city of New York, I've taken web-design as hobby during my 7th grade of middle school when I joined Neopets, a virtual pet community. Ever since then, I've become an amateur web-designer and my endless desire to create website layouts began!
When I'm not working on a personal project on PhotoShop, I'm either watching anime, playing video games, or reading manga. Because of my interests, I enjoy incorporating them into my designs. My styles of designs are always improving and changing as I gradually learn new things every year. I'm always eager to experiment with the latest trends in web-design and improve more of my HTML knowledge.
I'm currently a College Undergraduate studying Mass Communication with a concentration in TV & Video Production. I have also taken some Computer Science classes, so I do have some background knowledge in not just HTML and CSS, but JAVA too. These classes gave me an even more extensive background on programming.

The Site

Magnetic Ink is my fourth graphics website. I like to think of MI as a portfolio website for my latest work in motion. Magnetic Ink is currently being hosted by Rae from Haneuri.